In this tutorial we will see how to make slideshow using Ezvid. Ezvid is free video editor available for windows platform. After reading this post you will surely able to make presentation type videos using Ezvid. It is so simple so read below….

slideshow using ezvid
slideshow using ezvid


First we will need to add or import our media i.e. videos or photos.To add photos/pictures/images click on add pictures or video select one or more photos and click open button.Drag photo/images border to change it’s duration.To delete photo click on it and hit delete key on keyboard or right click on it and click on delete.

To add video click on add pictures or video and go to the folder where you have kept video click on it and click open.

When we play the video on timeline. You can see, by default ezvid won’t add any type of transitions in between clips..

Right click on photo and click on pan and zoom.

To apply pan and zoom to all photos first select all photos hold ctrl key on keyboard and click on each image and then right click on them and click on pan and zoom
record screen using ezvid

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