In this tutorial we will see how to split audio in movie maker. Here you will learn how to split audio clips how to trim/crop audio clip and bonus how to delete audio clip in windows live movie maker.
Just follow my windows movie maker tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know How to split audio from video? or How to trim/crop audio to specific length? Read below

split audio in movie maker
How To Split Audio In Windows Live Moive Maker

Why Splitting?

  Splitting will allow you to split your audio clip in multiple parts which either you can cut and put somewhere else on timeline or if you don’t want it you can just click on it and delete it. 
     Splitting method divides the clip in two parts. So let’s see how to split audio in windows movie maker.

Split Audio

First double click on audio/music track so it will open options tab to edit audio. Then put cursor where you want to split the audio/music and on options tab click on split.

If you want to delete the remaining audio/music clip click on remaining clip and hit delete key on keyboard to delete the selected audio clip.

Bring track to original length

If you want you can bring track to it’s original length click on  options tab adjust the set end point time.

Trim / Crop method-

Where splitting divides the clip in different parts where you can select the part and cut it or delete it.
Trimming just hides the part of the clip from beginning or from end.
So letter on you can still able to get that hidden part back.

So let’s see how to trim audio in windows movie maker.

Trim/Crop Audio

To trim /crop audio set the starting point and end point it will trim/crop your audio clip.
Any time you can set ti to it’s original time by setting starting point to 0.00s.

Suppose you want to add a new track for your video for that first you will need to delete the part of the audio for that follow following procedure.

Delete part of audio

Split the audio clip to set starting point to delete the audio/music clip take cursor where you want to split the audio and again click on split. Click on splited audio part and hit delete key on keyboard. It will delete the part of audio.

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