In this tutorial we are going to see how to split and trim/crop videos in windows live movie maker. 

Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know  How to split video i.e. how to cut the clip in two parts? Or How to trim/crop or shorten the video to specific length? or How to cut specific part of video? Read the post below

split video using windows live movie maker
How To Split Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

Split video using movie maker

  To split a video clip put your cursor where you want to split the clip. This will divide clip in two parts.

 First Method :- 

                         Right click on video and then click on split. So this will divide the clip in two parts.

Second method: –

                         Double click on video so it will open edit tab under video tools then click on split. And this will divide the clip in two parts.

After splitting the clip you can select the part of the clip which you want to delete and hit delete key on keyboard. Or you can add different type of effects to each of the clip.Or you can add transitions in between.

Trim Video Clip –

Put your cursor from where you want video to start click on set start point and put your cursor where you want the video to end and click set end point it will trim/crop your video i.e. shorten the video.

     While working on project, if anytime you want to bring video to it’s normal length just change the set end point to it’s actual end point time. Trimming doesn’t delete the clip.       

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