In this tutorial you will learn how to make slow motion using movie maker. Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know   How to make time lapse video in windows live movie maker? How to make fast motion video? How to make slow motion video? Read below.

slow motion using movie maker
How To Make Slow / Fast Motion Videos Using Windows Live Movie Maker

First add video to your project which you want to convert in time lapse video. Normally all video speed is 1px. If you ever want to change your video speed to it’s original format select 1px speed.

Fast Motion / Fast Speed Video

       Double click on video it will open edit tab under video tools. There you will find speed drop down menu. Click on any value between 1.25x to 64x range to make a fast motion video.

      Your video time length automatically will decrease.

Slow Motion / Slow Speed Video

Click on speed drop down menu but this time click on any value between 0.5x to 0.125x it will make slow motion video.

Because of slow motion your video time length automatically will increase.

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