In this tutorial you are going to see how to trim video in cinelerra video editor.

There are different ways to trim a video in Cinelerra video editor.

First play the videos and see which part you want to trim.

So let’s see how to trim the videos.
First way – Using edit menu.

First drag the video on timeline.
With help of mouse select the area which you want to trim.
Click on edit menu click on trim selection.
Play the video in compositor to check it.

Second way – using trim option on viewer.

Play the video in viewer and click on in point to set the beginning point for the video.
Click on out point to set the ending point for the video.
Make sure you are at the end of the video on timeline( if there is any)
Now put this trim video on timeline click on overwrite option (which is on viewer window).

Third way – dragging with mouse pointer
Take your mouse pointer at the beginning or end of video.
When mouse pointer changes to arrow drag it to left or right side and release mouse where you want to trim the clip.

So this way we can trim the video using cinelerra.

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