In this post you are going to see the interface of cinelerra video editor.

First open cinelerra.

To open remaining components click on window menu.
Click on name of component (show viewer, show compositor) clicking on the same option you can hide them.

Program window
Program window hold the timeline & menus, click on maximize button to maximize the window.

Viewer window-
Used to play the clips from resources window.
At bottom of this window there are buttons to play, pause, forward the video.

Compositor window-
Compositor window shows the video on the timeline which we are editing so we can see effects/transitions.

Resources window-
Holds the required resources of the project media files, effects, transitions.

When we double click on the video in resources window it starts to play in viewer window.

And when we click on timeline that video we can see in compositor window. Click on normal forward button under compositor to play the video.

If you don’t hear the audio of the video you will need to change some settings

Click on settings, preferences on playbackA tab choose the audio driver. Once you find it click on apply & ok.

Again click on settings & click on save settings.

So this is the interface of Cinelerra video editor.

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