In this tutorial you are going to see the interface of shotcut video editor. 

the interface of shotcut
Interface Of Shotcut video Editor

 Title bar – 

On the left corner it shows the name of project and name of the software. On the right corner it have three buttons to minimize,maximize and to close the application.

 Menu bar – 

It have very few menus such as file, edit,view,settings and help menu we will see all of them when we will start to work on our project. 

 Playlist – 

It acts like container which holds our media clips like images,videos,music,color and text 

 New Project – 

Whenever we start Shotcut we see this area here we have to choose the location to save our project file give it a suitable name and select the video mode. We will see how to use it in the next video. 

 Recent Projects – 

This area shows the list of recent projects. 

 Timeline – 

 The main part of video editor before starting to editing work we have to bring our media on this area. In Shotcut you can add as many video or audio tracks you want. 

Dockable windows – 

All the videos are dockable that means you can drag and drop them anywhere on screen. 

 Hide / Show Windows –

If by mistake you close any of the window you can reopen it by clicking on the toolbar icon or from view menu or using shortcut keys assigned to those windows.

So this is the interface of shotcut video editor.

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