In this video you are going to see how to split audio in videopad.

how to split audio using videopad
How To Split Audio In Videopad

First add the video and audio on the sequenece. If you want to split or cut the audio track drag the red cursor at the position where you want to split or cut the audio track and little split option will pop up click on it. To split the audio track.
Now you will have two audio parts.
The selected audio part shows blue background.

There is another way to split the audio clip just take the cursor where you want to split the audio clip and under sequence preview click on the split option arrow click on audio tracks and click on split audio track 1 now if you want to remove the any part of the audio click on it and hit the delete key on keyboard.

Trim audio-

Under clip preview panel click on the play button and click on the pause button from where you want to start the audio track. Now drag the red handle at that start point same way you can drag the blue handle to decide the end point now adjust the audio track to match up with the video on the sequence.And click on the play button to check it.

Anytime if you want to change the start and end point under clip preview panel drag the blue handle to set the end point and drag the red handle to set the start point click on play button under sequence preview panel to check it.

So this way you can split or trim audio in Videopad.

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