launch filmorago app. Open the project where you want to add text (or create a new project & add video).
Click on text option again click on text.
Now type the text in textbox.
Once done click on right tick sign.

Select the title on timeline and click on font. Click on the font to see it’s preview.
Click on the color option and select color for text.
Click on the format option and change size width and height by dragging sliders.
change alignment of text by clickin on alignment buttons.
Click on position option and click on any of the position to set text position.
To add animation to text select the text on timeline by clicking on it .
Click on animation slide / swing / flip click on any of the style to see it’s preview
Once you select the animation style click on right tick mark to apply it.
To increase the duration of the text drag the right border till you want the text to remain on video.
If anytime you want to delete the text while it’s selected click on delete option.

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