In this tutorial we are going to see how to render video in cinelerra video editor.

When all editing is done.
Play video in compositor to check it before rendering.

Click on file menu click on render or hit shift+R keys on keyboard.

It will open render window.

Give a name-

Click on search button & go to place where you want to save the video. Give it a suitable name & click ok button.

Chose file format-

Now choose the video format click on file format and select the option ffmpeg. Now click on other dropdown arrow and select video format (for eg. youtube).

Rendering options-

If you don’t want to render audio/video uncheck these options.
In render range select project option as we want to render entire project.

Create render profile-
If you want to use same settings for your next projects and save time. For that create a render profile

Give a name to this profile and click on save profile button.
So next time just click on render profile arrow and click on the name of profile and you will get same settings.

Now let’s select insertion strategy. Where we want video to appear after rendering completes.

Click on the arrow and select the location. Once everything is done click on ok button to begin rendering.

At bottom of the window progress bar will show how much rendering is completed.

Once rendering completes play the rendered video in compositor.

Or go to the place where you saved the video & play it.

So this way we can render or export the video using cinelerra

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