In this post you are going to see how to add scrolling credits in openshot video editor.

First import the video then drag and drop it on timeline play it to check it.
Click on title menu & again click on title.
Click on standard 3 template. Click on advanced editor.
Add the credits text and format it as you want.
Once done close the window click on save button.
If you want u can edit the file name.
Now click on save button.
Drag and drop the end credits clip at the end of the video on timeline.
Play it to check it.
To edit it right click on credits clip in project files click on edit title.
Click on text color select color, click ok and click on save button.
delete credits clip on timeline.Drag and drop edited credits clip on timeline.

Creating scrolling credits
Right click on credits clip & click on properties
Keep the playehead at the beginning of the credits clip.Change location y value to 1
Now drag the playhead at the end of credits clip.
Change location y value to -1
Now play the video & see how credits appear on screen.
This will create bottom to top scrolling effect for credits

Second way
Click on arrow of credits clip click on animate
Entire clip -edge to edge -bottom to top.
Put the credits clip on above track of video to make credits appear on top of video.

So this way we can add scrolling credits to video using openshot

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