Logo & Watermark – Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 #31

In this post we will see how to add logo & watermark to video using Movavi video editor.

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add logo to video
Logo and watermark

first imoport the video in movavi play it to check it.

Add logo-
Add one more video track on timeline. Drag & drop the image on this new track.
If the image is too big. Click on the video on timeline & in clip properties click on overlay. Click on picture in picture. Drag the corners to change image size.
Drag & drop this image where you want it to appear.
Match the length of image with video’s length so it will appear on whole video.

Add watermark
Drag & drop image on new track. Apply picture in picture overlay to this image too.
Resize and change it’s position to place it where you want it to appear.
In clip properties click on general tab. Drag the opacity slider towards left side to make image transparent.

So this way we can add logo or watermark to video using Movavi video editor. If you have any question do post in comments.

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