In this tutorial you are going to see how to make audio spectrum visualization in shotcut

how to make audio spectrum visualization in shotcut
Audio Spectrum Visualization

First import audio and video files, add these files to playlist. Add video track on timeline. Drag & drop the video on video track. 

Add one more video track. Drag & drop the audio on video track. 

Click on the play button to check it. 

 Add audio spectrum visualization- 

Click on filters, search audio spectrum visualization, click on it to apply. Drag the corners of the box to increase it’s width.

 You can drag & drop it wherever you want it to appear on screen. 

 To increase the thickness of the lines drag the thickness slider towards right side. To fill area under the spectrum to fill the area click on fill checkbox. 

Click on mirror the spectrum to see the effect. If you want you can change tension & bands settings. 

 To change the type click on type and click on bar. For default settings click on reset to default buttons.

 Add color- To add color to spectrum click on pick a color from screen tool and click on color on screen 

So this way we can make audio spectrum visualization using shotcut.

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