In this post you are going to see how to create slideshow in openshot.

-First import images.
Drag & drop them on timeline.
Play it in preview window, you can see there is no
default transition applied to any image/clip.

To Add Effects –
Click on effects tab.
Drag & drop the effect on image. Right click on effect name and click on properties. Change the settings as you want.

To Add Transitions –
Click on transitions tab.
Click on the transition style and drag & drop it on image.

You can increase or decrease duration of transition by dragging it’s sides.
Click on play button to check applied transition.

Same way add transitions to all the clips.

To Remove Transitions-
To remove transitions click on the arrow of transition click remove transition.

To Remove Effect-
To remove effect right click on it and click on remove effect.

Once everything is done click on the play button to check it.

So this way we can create slideshow in openshot.

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