In this video you are going to see how to use animation editor in Videopad. 

How To Use Animation Editor In Videopad

To create the animation first click on the clip on the sequence and on home tab click on video effects and click on the effect which you want to use to create the animation. Now in effects window click on show or hide effect animation editor and it will open the animation editor. 

   Now in effects window under the effect click on show or hide animation line to add it into animation editor. The duration of the clip is displayed below the gray bar in animation editor so you can add animation at the specific time. 

    Now to add the animation drag the red cursor at the point where you want the animation, right click on the animation line and click on add keyframe. 
    Now in effects window drag the effects slider to add the effect. Drag the red cursor in animation editor to the next point. Again right click on animation line and click on add keyframe. 
      Now again drag the effect slider. You can view the effect in clip preview panel. Now drag the red cursor to the next position. And if you want you can directly drag and drop the animation line to add keyframe and effect.        Repeat the same process till you get the desired effect. Once done close the effects window. Click on the play button to check it. Let’s see another example of it. Once done close the effects window. And click on the play button. So this way you can use animation editor in videopad to create animation using pre built visual effects.

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