In this post we will see how to add own music to video in Ezvid. So we can add our own music to our videos. You can see by default Ezvid provide its user it’s own audio tracks inbuilt in its software if you didn’t add any sound still default track gets added in your video.

And if you want to add your own audio track instead of these Ezvid songs then read below.

add own music in ezvid
Add Music

add own music in Ezvid

In Ezvid click on music and scroll to the bottom of the list. Then click on use my own. On your system go to the folder where you have kept music tracks. Select the audio file which you want to use in your video. And it will get imported to Ezvid. Once it’s ready click on play button to check it.

That’s it.. simple isn’t it. So this way you can add your own audio/ sound in your videos using Ezvid free video editor.

If you want to convert text to speech. ie. synthesize speech. Read my this post Convert text to speech using ezvid

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