In this post we will see how to text to speech in ezvid or how to synthesize speech using ezvid. This is the best and unique feature of this awesome free video editor.

text to speech in ezvid
Convert Text To Speech In Ezvid

So let’s see

Convert Text To Speech-

To convert text to speech or synthesize the speech.First add text and then click on synthesize speech, to convert the entered text to speech. Then Click on play button to check it.

If it’s not complete, you must remove recording for that right click on recording and then click on clear recording, on prompt click on confirm to delete the recording/speech.

Now drag the text slide to increase it’s duration so speech will complete.
Now again click on synthesize speech to convert text to speech. Once done click on play button to check it.

Repeat above steps till you get desired recording. And same way you can do this for all the text in your video.

If you want to know how to add own music track read the post add own music in ezvid.

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