In this tutorial see how to add video in text using shotcut.

how to add video in text using shotcut

First add black color clip. On toolbar click on open other, click on color in color window click on color and click on black color, click ok button and again click ok. Add this clip to playlist.

 On timeline add two video tracks. Drag the video clip on top track. Click on filters, click on add a filter, click on text:simple. 

Type text and change it’s font as you want it. 

Apply green color to the text. Add one more filter chroma key:simple here click on key color and pick color from screen and pick text color. Now drag the video clip on bottom track. Click on the play button to see the effect. 

Add border to text- 

To give border first click on the text clip then open filters now to add outline to text click on outline select color for outline. Change it’s thickness. So this way you can add video in text. 

So this way we can add video in text using shotcut video editor.

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