In this tutorial you will learn how to save video to mp3 using windows live movie maker.

Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know, How to convert video to audio in windows live movie maker? How to extract audio from video? How to convert video to mp3? Read below..

save video to mp3 using movie maker
How To Convert Video To MP3 Using Windows Live Movie Maker

There will be times when you found some videos or maybe you have created your own videos and there some sounds or audio which you like and you want to use only that part of the audio in your some other projects. For that you will need to extract or save only audio from that video. So that is what we are going to see in this post how to save video to mp3 using movie maker.

It is so easy to save video tomp3 files, just follow these simple steps mentioned below:

Step  1 : Add video which you want to save as mp3

         For that click on add videos and photos go to the folder where you have saved your video click on that video and click open button.

Step 2: Save video to mp3 using movie maker

Click on movie maker menu, click on save movie, go to audio only settings and click on audio only option. Give your audio file a suitable name and click save button. Your audio file will be ready within minutes depending upon video length it will take little or extra time.

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