In this tutorial you will learn how to add text watermark in movie maker to your videos.

Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know, How to add text logo in windows live movie maker?How to add watermark on entire video using windows live movie maker? Read below.

text watermark in movie maker
How To Add Watermark To Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

In movie maker you can’t add image logo or image watermark but there is a way to use text as a watermark or text as a logo. That is what we are going to see in this post.

Create Text Logo For Video –

    Add Video.Click on caption and type name which you want for your text logo/watermark. Change it’s font ,size, and color.

Drag and drop caption where you want logo or watermark to appear. Click on outline size select extra thick and click on outline color and select color for outline. Your text logo is ready.

Add Text Watermark In Movie Maker:

To turn your logo to watermark just change it’s transparency level for that click on transparency and drag it to plus. 

To make it appear on entire video change caption text duration to video length (convert minutes to seconds)

imp. – Save this project for future use.

Reuse Text logo/watermark – 

    Open text logo/watermark project. Right click on caption click on copy.Create a new project and insert a video. Right click and click on paste to paste logo/watermark.

See our logo is back change it’s transparency level to convert it into watermark.  
Now you can save your movie with watermark or logo on video. 

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