In this video you will see how to add 3D text in Shotcut ——————————————————————-

Add 3D Text In Shotcut

First import video, add video in playlist add video track drag and drop video on video track. 

Add text:

Click on filters, click on add a filter, in search box type text. Click on Text:3D, in textbox type the text. 

 To change the font click on font and select the font. 

You can select or deselect bold & beveled options. 

Change color:- 

To change the color click on color option. 

Click on any color & click ok button. 

Change size:- 

To increase or decrease the size of text drag the size slider on left or right side. 

Tilt text:- 

To tilt the text drag the tilt slider on left or right side. 

Change horizontal position:- 

To change horizontal position of text drag horizontal slider on left or right side. 

Change vertical position:- 

To change vertical position of text drag vertical slider on left or right side. 

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