In this video you will see how to add 3d text in shotcut

Add 3D Text In Shotcut

First import video, add video in playlist add video track drag and drop video on video track. 

Add text:

Click on filters, click on add a filter, in search box type text. Click on Text:3D, in textbox type the text. 

 To change the font click on font and select the font. 

You can select or deselect bold & beveled options. 

Change color:- 

To change the color click on color option. 

Click on any color & click ok button. 

Change size:- 

To increase or decrease the size of text drag the size slider on left or right side. 

Tilt text:- 

To tilt the text drag the tilt slider on left or right side. 

Change horizontal position:- 

To change horizontal position of text drag horizontal slider on left or right side. 

Change vertical position:- 

To change vertical position of text drag vertical slider on left or right side. 

So this way we can add 3d text to video using shotcut.

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