Extract audio from video in olive video editor.

Import video with audio in olive video editor. Play it in media viewer to check.

Drag and drop it on timeline and play it in sequence viewer.
First method
Right click on the video clip on timeline & click on Link / unlink option.
You can see audio and video got separated.
Click on video track and hit delete key on keyboard. Play the audio in sequence viewer.
Second method

Drag & drop the video on timeline.
Click on file menu and click on export option.
Uncheck the video checkbox as we don’t want the video.
Keep audio settings as they are then click on format dropdown and click on MP3 audio.
Make sure entire sequence is selected for range option.
Once everything is set click on export button.
Go to the folder where you want to save it give it a name and click on save button.
Go to the folder where you have saved the audio open it to check.

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