In this video you are going to see how to make your own lower thirds in kdenlive.

Custom Lower Thirds In Kdenlive

First import the video in which you want to add lower third drag & drop it on timeline. Right click in project bin click on add title clip. Add Image- To add image click on add image click on the image, click open. Check the checkbox show background drag & drop image where you want it. Change the height & width to make it small. Once done click on OK button. Drag & drop this clip above video track. Add shape- Add one more title clip. Add a rectangle. Give color to it. Add text. Once done click OK button. Drag & drop this clip above previous track. Add effect- If you want you can add colorize effect to image. Drag the sliders to change the color of image. Add transition- Add dissolve transition at beginning & before end of image clip. Add wipe transition to text clip. Add revert for the end wipe transition. If you want you can change the position of these clips. Once everything is done click on the play button to check it.

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