In this video you are going to see how to add video in cinelerra.

On cinelerra window click on video menu click on add track (If you want to add more video tracks)

Delete track-
To delete the track right click on track and click on delete track.

There are different ways to add video to cinelerra so let’s see them.

File menu-
To add video click on file menu on cinelerra window click on load files.

Go to the folder where you kept your video click on it and click on green plus button.

Video will get added in resources window and on timeline.

Double click on the video clip in resources window to play it in viewer.

Click on normal forward button to play the video.

Cinelerra main window-
Click on cinelerra main window hit tab + O key on keyboard this will also open the load dialog box.

Resources window-
Click on resources window hit tab+O key on keyboard to open load dialog box.

Right click inside resources window click on load files to open load dialog box.

Add multiple videos.

When we add video it replaces previous video so to add more than one video do this.
Open load dialog box go to the folder where you kept the videos. Click on one video name hold ctrl key on keyboard and then click on other video names.
To add all of them click on plus button.
First video will automatically appears on timeline to add second video after that video on timeline.
Click on jump to end button (on cinelerra window)
Now drag & drop the second video from resources window on timeline.
Click on normal forward button on compositor to play the videos on timeline.

In this post we are going to see how to add video in Cinelerra

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