In this tutorial  you are going to see how to add subtitles into Videopad.

How To Add Subtitles To Video Using Videopad

 How To Add Captions In Videopad – 

First add the video on sequence upon which you want to add subtitles or captions. On home tab click on subtitles and it will open subtitles window. Click on the play button to play the video. And click on the pause button when you want to enter the subtitle. 

 Enter your text for current subtitle. You can see it’s preview. To change the start time drag the red handle on the left side. Again click on play button to check it.

 To set the end point drag the blue handle. Now to add a new subtitle click on the add button again click on the play button. And type the text. Again drag the blue handle to set the end point. 

And click on the add button for the next subtitle. 


Edit Subtitle- 

 Any time if you want to edit the subtitle click on it in the list and change the text. 

If you want you can change subtitle settings or use default settings. Once done click on save button and click on srt option. Go to the folder where you want to save the subtitle and give it a suitable name and click on save button. Click on ok button. Now close the subtitles window. Click on save button. Subtitles will appear on video. 


Remove subtitles- 

Any time if you want to remove the subtitles on home tab click on subtitles option select the subtitles and hit the delete key on keyboard. And click on apply button. It will remove subtitles form the video.


 Import subtitles- 

To import the subtitles on home tab click on the subtitles and in subtitles window click on load button click on the subtitle file and click on open button. Click on ok button. Click on apply button to add the subtitles to video it will add subtitles to video.

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