In this post we are going to see how to add title in videopad.

add title in videopad
How To Add Title To Video Using Videopad Video Editor

Add Title-

On home tab click on add title, go to the next section and click on simple text overlay.  And it will open title clip settings window, here you can type the text which you want as a title. And you can see preview of the title in clip preview panel.

You can change it’s font, can make it bold or italic, to change the size select the text and click¬† on the font size arrow. Even you can change the position of your title for that click on the align button.

If you want to add the outline first check this check box next to outline to activate it. And then click on the color for your outline you can change the thickness by dragging this slider. If you want to change the outline color click on outline color and click on the color. Click on ok button.

The two most important settings for the title one is the background mode option and another one is scrolling animation. Click on the background mode and choose full background now click on the close button.
And click on the play button in clip preview panel, you can see our title clip is hiding the first picture.

If you don’t want this to happen, drag the title clip on the sequence now click on the play button. Now let’s select the text background mode. Now you can see our title appear over the picture but still it have a background color. And now let’s select the editor background mode. You can see the title is appearing over the picture.

Anytime if you want to edit the title, double click on the title clip click inside text box. And change the settings and click on close button.

Scrolling effect-

Now if you want to add scrolling effect to your title, click inside the text box click on scrolling animation and click on any style. Close the settings window. And click on play button.

Delete title
If you want to delete the title click on it and hit the delete key on keyboard.
Or right click on it and click on delete option.
If by mistake you have deleted the title from the sequence no need to worry because Videopad treat the title as a clip and it keep it in images bin.

To put the title on the sequence drag the cursor at the very beginning of the video and click on the title clip inside images bin click on the place button under clip preview panel.

Or drag and drop it over the picture.
To change the duration of the title click on edit clip clip duration type the number in second and hit the enter key on keyboard. You can see our title clip duration got increased.

Add Credits-

For that on home tab click on add text option and click on simple text overlay. And it will open the text clip settings window. Click inside to edit the text. Edit this clip just the way we edited the title clip. You can see the preview in clip preview panel.
Once done click on close button. Click on the play button to check it.

As you know credits appear at the end of the video. So drag and drop it over the last scene of the video.

To edit it double click on a clip, click inside the text box and change the settings then click on the close button. If you don’t want to overlay the credits on the last scene drag and drop the credits after the last scene of the video.

And if you want to change the duration click on edit clip duration and enter duration in seconds.

You can see credits clip also get added in images bin.

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