In this tutorial you are going to see how to add simple credits clip in shotcut. ——————————————————————-

Add Simple Credits To Video Using Shotcut

First import the video. Drag & drop it on timeline. 

Click on open other and click on text. Type text for credits. 

Once done click on ok button. 

Add credits clip to playlist. 

Drag & drop the credits clip at the end of the video on timeline. Click on play button to check it.

Click on filters, click on font name and change the style of font if you want, once done click on ok button.

 To change the color click on font & select color for credits text. 

Scrolling credits-

Now to make a scrolling credits drag the playhead the the beginning of credits clip. In position top down box type 1200 and click on use keyframe button to add keyframe. Drag the playhead at the end of credits clip. Now enter -900 in the same box Now click on play button to check it. 

Add credits upon video- 

If you want credits to appear upon video. Add a new video track, drag & drop credits clip on this new track above the video, now click on the play button to check it. 

 Edit credits- 

If you want to edit credits while credits clip selected edit it in filters box  

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