In this tutorial we will see the user interface of olive video editor. Free video editor for all platforms

On top we have title bar with name of application & name of project.
On top right corner on title bar we have minimize, maximize & close button.
When we save our project that name will appear on titlebar.
Click on file menu click on new & click on project to start a new project.
Below the title bar there is menu bar with different editing options.
To hide or unhide the panel click on window menu & click on panel name.
To get the default layout back click on window menu & click on restore to default layout.
To change the color of application interface click on tools menu click on preferences.
Click on appearance tab click on theme dropdown menu click on theme & click on ok button & click on yes.
Under menu bar on left side we have project panel it holds our project media.
Then we have media viewer & effects panels.
Then we have sequence viewer / preview window here we can see how our video is taking shape.
Below there panels we have important panel call i.e. timeline where all editing work is done.

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