In this post you will learn how to use auto movie themes using windows live movie maker automovie themes. Which will help to reduce video editing ie. video making time. It includes some predefined effects and transitions.

 Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know, How to create movie using automovie themes in windows live movie maker. Read below

how to use automovie themes
How To Use AutoMovie Themes In Windows Live Movie Maker

I called auto movie themes time saver because you don’t need apply transitions all the time, it get applied automatically.

So let’s see how to use this function of windows movie maker.

Using automovie theme

Once your video is ready just click on any of automovie  theme and your movie will be ready.

For that just hover over any of the theme and you can see it’s preview in preview window. There are different themes available like Default theme,Contemporary,Cinematic,Fade,Pan and zoom,
Black and white,Sepia themes.

Once you satisfy with theme of your choice click on it to apply it to your video. It. And it will get applied to entire video.

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