In this post you are going to see how to add simple credits to your video using openshot video editor.

Credits after the end of clip
Click on title menu again click on ttile. Scroll to see the list of the title templates
Click on standard 3 template.To edit this template click inside line 1 textbox. Enter the text same way edit line 2 textbox. Delete the text inside line 3 textbox. click on change font button to change the font. Change the font as you want and click ok button.
To change text color click on text color. Click on the color and click ok button.
Once everything is done click on save button.Credits clip will get added in project files.
Drag and drop this credit clip at the end of the vidoe on timeline.
Click on play to check it.
Add animation
Click on the arrow of the credit’s clip click on animate
Start of clip – zoom – zoom in (50 to 100%)
Change duration
Hover mouse cursor on the right edge of the clip when arrow turns into two pointed arrow.
Drag it to left side to shorten the duration of the credits clip
Credits on top of video
Drag and drop credits clip on top of the video track

Edit credits clip
Right click on credits clip in side project files. Click on edit title. Do necessary editing click on save button.
Delete old credits clip on timeline and drag and drop edited credits clip on timeline.

So this way we can add simple credits to video using openshot video editor.

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