In this tutorial you will learn how to remove audio using windows live movie maker.

Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know, How to remove sound from video in windows live movie maker? How to remove background audio from movie? How to remove audio from video? 

So later on you can add your own music or narration or just keep it without any sound. It is so simple and just takes a little time depending upon the length of your video.

remove audio from video using windows live movie maker
How To Remove Audio From Video Using Windows Live Movie Maker

1) Advance Method To Remove Audio Using Movie Maker

         This method is bit of advance and require you to pay good attention while doing this. So for this method click on save movie, click on create custom settings in custom settings, select new settings,and in audio format select “No audio.” 

     Give this setting a suitable name and click on save button.Save this settings in video profiles for future use,and click on save button. 

       Now click on movie maker menu click on save movie and this time click on Noaudio (or whichever name you have given to your setting.)

Give a name to your file and click save button.

2) Basic Method To Remove Sound/Audio From Video

     This is the easiest method to remove sound from video first double click on video which will open edit tab under video tools,click on edit tab click on video volume drag volume controller to no volume/no sound option(i.e. mute volume icon)

Now you can save the file with audio removed.
And if you want you can add new background music or narration to your video later on.

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