In this tutorial you will see how to add simple text to video using shotcut

How To Add Simple Text In Shotcut

First import video. Add it to playlist, add a video track then drag and drop video on timeline. 

Add Text Filter- 

Click on filters, click on add a filter and shear text filter. Click on text:simple. Click inside text box type the text which you want to appear on screen.

 Change the size- 

In project preview window drag the corners of text box to change ti’s size. Drag & drop this text where you want it to appear on screen. Change font- To change the font click on use font size and click |on font name. 

 In font dialog box select font, style and size and click ok button. If you want to use the standard built in font deselect the use font size option.

 Change horizontal alignment- 

Now to change the horizontal alignment of text click on left center or right option. To increase or decrease the thickness of the text click on thickness up or down arrow. 

 Change color of text- 

To change the color of text click on font click on color and click ok button. 

 Add outline- 

If you want outline click on outline click on color and click ok button. 

 Vertical alignment- 

If your text box height is big you can set text’s vertical alignment. For that click on any of top, middle or bottom option of vertical fit.

So this way we can add simple text to video using shotcut.

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