In this tutorial you will learn how to add censor beep sound in movie maker to remove any bad words spoken.

Just follow my tutorials and you will learn how to use this simple software. If you want to know, How to add censor beep sound and remove any bad words spoken?

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censor beep sound in movie maker
How To Add censor beep sound in movie maker

There will be time when you are editing your videos or someone else’s videos. And you heard some bad words which should be flagged. That time you can censor out those words by adding censor beep sound. For that you will need to add video which you want to censor .

In this example in my video I want to beep out the cough sound. In your video it could be curse / bad words. So let’s begin

To censor beep sound in movie maker

First we need to split the clip from where we have the cough sound, right click on clip and click on split.

Put your cursor where you want that beep sound. Then click on add music. Then click on add music at the current point. Click on beep sound click on open button.Copy and paste it as many times as you want it.

We still here cough sound in background but we don’t want that right.For that we have to remove that sound first.

Take your cursor from where you want to remove sound click on edit tab click on video volume and drag volume controller to mute speaker icon.

Now we can add beep sound just the way we added it previously.

imp-first download the censor beep sound to use in this project.

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