Draw On Screen In Screencast

How to draw on screen in screencast using ezvid?

In this post we will see how to draw on screen in screencast using Ezvid video editor. So you can add text, shapes like arrows or rectangles or even stickers while doing a screen cast.

Watch video tutorial here

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All video tutorials on Ezvid here

how to draw on screen in screencast

Click on capture screen. Then click on use advanced settings enable transparent mode. And select capture area click on start advance capture now.

Now drag the mouse on screen to select capture area for recording. When you will release the mouse button the recording count down will start once it reaches to 0 you can start screen cast.

On Ezvid screen recorder floating toolbar you can see draw on your screen option click on it, it will show list of available shapes to draw

click on any of the shape to activate it and then click on screen to print it press escape key on keyboard to stop drawing

To make a custom shape click on brush icon and draw whatever shape you want to press Esc key on keyboard to stop drawing.

Once screen cast is over click on stop button on floating toolbar to stop recording. It will take little time to process the screen cast. Once it is done you can play the video in preview window.

So this way you can draw shapes or put stamps, write text using Ezvid video editor. If you have any question do post it in comments below.

Watch video tutorial here

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