In this tutorial we are going to see how to use color bars in kdenlive

how to use color bars in kdenlive

Style:1 Right click inside project bin, click on generators click on color bars. Set the duration, clickin inside directly type the number or use up or down arrow buttons. Keep the default bar type. Now click on ok button and save this color clip. Color bars clip will get added in project bin. Drag & drop it on timeline & play it in project moniotor. Style:2 From bar type select PAL color bars with red Style:3 from bar type select 95% BBC color bars Style:4 From bar type select 75% EBU color bars Style:5 From bar type select SMPTE color bars Style:6 From bar type select Phillips PM5544 color bars Style:7 From bar type select FuBK color bars Style:8 From bar type select Simplified FuBK color bars If you want you can add beep sound to these clips. Play the clips to check them.

So this way we can add color bars in kdenlive video editor.

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