In this video we will see how to use chroma key in olive video editor.


irst import main video and green screen video.
Play the video files in media viewer to check them.

Drag and drop the main video on timeline and play it in sequence viewer.

Drag and drop green screen video on top of main video on timeline.
If your video is small like this change it’s height and width by dragging it’s borders or corners.
You can see it’s overlapping (hiding) the main video.
In effects panel click on add video effect. Go to keying click on chroma key.
Lower the lower tolerance value to remove that green color or.
Click on mode and click on original to get original green screen color back.
Click on key color and in set color click on pick screen color option. Go to sequence viewer and click on the green color to pick it click on ok button to close the dialog box.
If necessary change the lower tolerance value by dragging slider. Or click on it and enter value in set value box.

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