In this post you are going to see how to add title to your video in cinelerra video editor.

First drag & drop the video on timeline and play it to check it.
Right click on the video on timeline click on attach effect.
Search title plugin, click on it and click on ok button.
Click on show controls button.

Title window will appear here we will need to add the text for title and do necessary formatting.

Add text-
Type the title in text in textbox. You can see it will appear in compositor window. You can change font and font size.

Change the position of text by clicking on top, mid, bottom, left, right, center options.

Click on color, from color dialog box select a color & click ok button.

Select outline color if you want. Change the outline number to make it visible.

To add drop shadow click on drop shadow arrows to increase or decrease the value.

Type 0 in fade in & fade out box.

Once everything is done close the title dialog box.
Play the video in compositor to check it.

Add motion-
If you want to add motion to your title open title dialog box again.

Click on motion down arrow & click on any style.
Close the dialog box & play the video.

Reduce title time-
Drag the title with drag handle to reduce it’s time ( so it won’t appear on entire video.)

Change the speed of title so it won’t cut.

So this way we can add title to video using cinelerra.

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