In this post you are going to see how to add logo and watermark to your video in openshot video editor.

First import the video in openshot and play it to check it.
Drag and drop logo/watermark image on above main video track.
Change the length of the image to match with main video so it will remain on entire video.
If it’s big and overlapping entire video we will need to resize it.
First take the playhead at the beginning of the video.
Right click on video and click on properties.
Change the values of scale x and scale y to resize the image.

To change the position
For that change the gravity option value by dragging it right or left side.
Go to locationx and location y and change their values to change the position of the image on screen
so this way you can add logo to your videos.

Add watermark
drag the playhead at the beginning of the video open properties.
Reduce alpha option value to create a watermark image

So this way we can add logo or watermark to video using openshot.

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