Use Chroma Key In Kdenlive Video Editor

Use Chroma Key In Kdenlive Video Editor.

In this post we are going to see how to use chroma key in kdenlive video editor i.e. how to make a green screen video.

how to use chroma key in kdenlive video

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First import videos. Drag and drop the main video which you want to use as a background on timeline. Click on the play button under project monitor to check the video.

Now drag and drop the green screen video above the main video on timeline. Click on the play button to check the video.

You can see the green screen video will overlap(cover) entire main video. We will need to remove this green screen color to get only the content of this video which will blend with our main video.

Using Chroma Key

Go to effects and search for chroma key effect. Drag and drop this effect on green screen video. Then we will need to adjust the settings of this effect, for that click on view menu & click on composition/effect stack.

Click on the color to open color window. Now click on pick screen color to get the color and click on green color in preview window.

Click on ok button to close window. You can adjust the effect by dragging the variance bar to the left or right side.

Adjust the settings till you get the desired result.

So this way you can use chroma key effect in Kdenlive video editor to edit those green screen videos and improve your own videos. If you have any question do post it in comments below.

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