Top 10 Reasons You Should Use Kdnlive Video Editor

Now we are going to see the features of Kdenlive. Kdenlive is an acronym for KDE NON-Linear Video Editor it could be used to basic to advance level video editing. I myself use it a lot to edit all of my videos on YouTube. So let’s see some of it’s features which makes it much better editor than the rest.

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top 10 features of kdenlive video editor
Kdenlive video editor features

Number one is – How much one have to pay to use it?

And answer is nothing! It’s an open-source software that means you don’t need to pay anything to download, install and to use it. Above all there will be no watermarks of any sort on your final rendered video.

Number second is on which operating system one can use it?

The answer is it’s cross platform that means you can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux.

After knowing this let’s see some of it’s features

Features Of Kdenlive Video Editor

Multi Track Audio / Video Editing

You can add multiple audio or video tracks. That means it is very easy to create overlay videos with it, it will be very easy to create those videos where you want to add background music with narration.

Use any audio/video formats

It is based on powerful FFmpeg libraries that’s why you don’t need to convert your audio or video just to import it into Kdenlive. It all most supports all the major audio and video formats. So it will save your whole lot of conversion time.

Customizable Interface

You can change the interface as per the need of your project all these windows are docable that means you can move them anywhere you want them to appear on screen. Even keyboard shortcuts can also be set by the user.


o you like those 2D titles which appears before or middle part of the video with Kdenlive you can create your own custom titles and not only that you can save them as template and you can use them in your future projects.

Many Effects & Transitions

Dozens of effects are available ranging from color correction to audio adjustments as well as the standard transforms options.

Automatic backup

Your project file is automatically backup every few minutes later that means if anything bad happens you won’t loose your work, the next time you will start Kdenlive you will get the backup copy of your project.

Proxy Editing

Kdenlive can create low resolution copies of your video which you want to edit. And once editing is finished you can render it back to full resolution.

Online Resources

If you want to download some cool wipes, title templates or render profiles you don’t need to leave the interface. Just from within interface you can download & install all these things.

Keyframable Effects

Many effects are keyframable so you can change the parameters as you like and when you want to create cool effect or little bit of animation.

Themable Inteface

Kdenlive comes with pre installed light and dark themes you can choose the theme as per you like.

So these are the some of the features of Kdenlvie.

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