Take Snapshot In Kdenlive

Take Snapshot In Kdenlive

In this post we will see how to take a snapshot in Kdenlive.

how to save image from video in kdenlive
Save image from video in kdenlvie

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Save snapshot in folder

First import the video clips in Kdenlive.

Play the clip in clip monitor. Pause the video where you want to take the snapshot.

Now right click on the video and click on extract frame. In dialog box go to the folder where you want to save the image.

Give it a suitable name & click on save button. All snapshots will be saved only in png format.

Go to folder where you saved the image open it to check it.

Save it in current project-

If you want to save the image only inside current project then do this. Play the clip in clip monitor and pause it where you want to take the snapshot. Right click on clip monitor. Click extract frame to project.

Save the image. Image will appear directly inside current project bin. Now you can drag and drop the image clip on timeline to use it.

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