Slideshow In Olive Video Editor.

In this post we will see how to make slideshow video editor.

Watch video tutorial here

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All video tutorials on Olive video editor here

create slideshow

first import all the images, videos and audio in olive video editor.
click on the name of the clip and view it in media viewer.
Drag and drop the clips on timeline. Click on the play button under sequence viewer to check it.
Drag and drop the audio below clips track.
Split the audio track if you want just a specific part of it.
Now right click on the clip and click on add default transition.
This will add fade in and fade out transition to the clip. Do this for every clip on timeline.
To change the duration of fade in and fade out trim it.
Once everything is done click on the play button to check how it looks.

if you have some small images you can rescale them for that go to effects then transform and drag the scale slider to increase the size of image.

So this way we can make slideshow video using olive video editor. If you have any question do post it in comments.

Watch video tutorial here

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