Rotate Video In Movie Maker

Rotate Video In Movie Maker

In this tutorial we are going to see how to rotate video or image/picture using windows live movie maker.

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How to use rotate tool in movie maker
Rotate tool in windows movie maker

First add media i.e. image or video which you want to rotate, on timeline.
To rotate the picture to the left first click on the image clip then go to home tab if it’s already not visible. Click on rotate left, or to rotate the picture to right click on rotate right.

same way you can rotate the entire video clip for that click on the clip then click on rotate left or rotate right.
Keep on clicking on either of these buttons to get the desired position.

Rotate part of the clip-

If anytime you just want to rotate the part of the clip and not the entire clip follow these steps-

First split the video clip on timeline to get that specific part which you want to rotate. Then click on the part of the clip and go to home tab. Click on rotate left or rotate right as per your need.

So this way you can use rotate tool in windows live movie maker to rotate images or videos. If you have any question do post it in comments.

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How To Us Rotate Tool In Movie Maker Tutorial By Tutordidi

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