Record Screen In HD Using Ezvid

. If you like to do screen cast tutorials like me then you must have to record your screen recording in HD so your viewers can understand the video better. In This tutorial we will see how easy it is to record screen in hd with Ezvid

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record screen in hd in ezvid

Open Ezvid video editor. Click on capture screen, click on use advanced settings you can enable or disable microphone, headset, webcam options as per your requirement. But you must click on enable transparent mode if it’s not already selected and select capture area by clicking on them and click start advance capture now.

Drag mouse on screen to select the area for screen capture. Immediately recording countdown will start when it’s over then you can start doing screen cast as you always do.

If you want to take a break while recording you can click on pause button on ezvid controller or if you just want to finish the screen recording then click on stop button and it will stop recording the screen. Ezvid will convert your screen recording video in minutes. Once it does that click on play button to check the recording.

Using this application you can capture anything that appear on your screen including games.

imp note – only drawback of using ezvid video editor to record screen is you can only record 45 min long video. After that limit you will need to start new recording for next 45 minutes.

So this way you can record your screen using Ezvid video editor. If you have any question do post it in the comments below.

To better understand it watch my tutorial

Record screen using Ezvid

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