Old Film Effect In Shotcut

In this post we will see how to add old film effect to video in shotcut.

Watch video tutorial here

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All video tutorials on shotcut here

add old film effect in shotcut
How to add old film effect

First import the video, add it to playlist.
Add video track on timeline, drag and drop the video on timeline, click on the play button to check the video.
Click on the clip on timeline.
On toolbars click on filters, click on add a filter button, click on old film:dust-
change the size and amount of dust by dragging the size and amount sliders.

Click on old film:Grain –
For this effect change the noise and brightness.

Click on old film:projector effect.
Click on old film:scratches effect
Click on old film:technocolor

Change the settings of effects as per you want.

So this way we can add old film effect in shotcut. If you have any question do post it in comments.

Watch video tutorial here

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