Movavi Video Editor Interface

In this post we will see interface of Movavi video editor.

movavi interface
Movavi Interface

Title bar –
On top it have title bar which contains name of application & name of current project. When we save project it’s name appear on title bar.
On title bar on top right corner we have minimize, maximize and close buttons, to minimize, maximize or to close the application.

Menu bar
Then below title bar we got menu bar.

On left side we have different tabs each with specific purpose:
Media files- Contains media which we can use in our projects.
filters- Just the name says it contains all filters collection.
transitions- It contains different transitions which we can use to create slideshow type video
Titles – Pre made title templates
Stickers – Still images to add in video.

Preview Window
On the right side we have preview window. Where we can check our video, by playing it.

At below we have timeline, the main area of any video editor. Here we can add many audio and video tracks.

Status bar
At bottom of the window we have status bar which shows the current status of our project.

So this is the interface of Movavi video editor. If you have any question do post it in comments.

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