Know The Interface Of The Videopad Video Editor

In this post we are going to see the interface of the Videopad video editor.

the interface of videopad video editor
Videopad Interface

Quick access toolbar-
On the top left corner, you can see we have a quick access toolbar. It contains commonly required tools to create new projects, open media files or projects to save projects and undo and redo the previous actions.

Three buttons-
On the top right corner, we have three buttons just like other windows applications to minimize, maximize and restore and close the application.

Menu bar-
Click on the icon to open the menu bar and it will open a vertical menu bar hover your mouse cursor on any of the menus and it will open the submenus list.

Different Tabs-
1)Home tab-
Videopad always opens with the home tab selected. And this is the most important tab in Videopad. It contains all the tools required to edit the video.

2)Clips tab-
It is used to edit the clips.

3)Sequence tab-
It is used to edit the sequence.

4)Audio tab-
To edit the audio.

5)Export tab-
Here you can select the format in which you want to export the video. And also select the destination where you want to share the video.

6)Suite tab-
It contains all programs by the NCH software which you can use to create beautiful videos.

7)Custom tab-
You can customize this tab as per your need. Just click on the customize button. And click on the options which you want on the custom tab. Then click on the ok button, to add the tools on the custom tab.

If you don’t want these click on the customize button and uncheck the options, then again click on the ok button.

Under tabs on the left side, we have this area it’s called the bin. You can think of bin like containers they kept our videos, audios, and images files there are three different file bins for each of the media types.

Preview panels-
On the right side of the bin, we have a clip preview and sequence preview panel. If you click on the clip in the bin it appears in the clip preview panel and if you click on the video track it appears in the sequence panel.

At the bottom we have the sequence, the sequence is divided into two parts. Video track and the audio track.

So this is the interface of videopad if you have any questions do post them in comments below.

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