How To Use Pan & Zoom In Kdenlive

How To Use Pan & Zoom In Kdenlive?

In this post we will see how to make pan and zoom in our videos using Kdenlive video editor.

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pan and zoom effect in kdenlive
Add Pan & Zoom Effect

Import Media-

First things first we will need to import the video in Kdenlive. Then drag & drop it on timeline, click on play button under project monitor to check it.

Increase duration of clip(images)-

If you have added images on timeline. And you want to increase the duration of the clip just drag it’s border on right side.

Add Pan & Zoom Effect-

Go to effects panel and search for zoom pan effect. To apply the effect drag and drop it on clip. Now on open properties window.


To zoom in drag the slider of zoom towards right or enter value grater than 1 or to zoom out drag it towards left or enter value less than 10.


To slide the image left or right side drag the x slider towards right or left side.

To slide the image top or bottom side drag the y slider towards right or left side.


you can add keyframes and then change the pan and zoom effect for each keyframe to create a pan and zoom motion effect.

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