How To Take Snapshot In Videpad

In this post, we will see how to take a snapshot in videopad. So we can save a frame from the video as an image.

take a snapshot videpad
Take snapshot in videopad

First add the video on the sequence in the preview panel click on the play button and click on the pause button where you want to take a snapshot.

Under the sequence preview panel you can see we have a snapshot option here click on the arrow of it you can save the snapshot in a different resolutions. Click on the one which you like or you can set a custom resolution for your snapshot.

To take a snapshot click on one of the options.
Snapshot will be saved in images. If you want to know where it is actually saved on your computer right-click on it and click open file location you can see the snapshot got saved in the pictures folder.

Double click on the snapshot to open it.

So this way you can take a snapshot in Videopad. If you have any questions do post it in comments.

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