How To Reverse Video In Kdenlive

How To Reverse Video In Kdenlive?

In this post we are going to see how to reverse video using Kdenlive video editor.

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reverse video in kdenlive

First import the video which you want to reverse in Kdenlive video editor. For that right click inside project bin. Click on add clip and in dialog box that appears go to the folder where you have kept the video click on it and click on ok button. Video will appear in project bin.

Before beginning editing it is always a good idea to check if that video is working properly or not. Bring the video on timeline by dragging and dropping. Click on the play button on project monitor. Once checked delete the clip on timeline.

Reverse Video

Right click on the video in project bin and click on clip jobs. Click on duplicate clip with speed change.

Here click on 3 lines button aka hamburger menu and click on reverse clip. Click on ok button it will create a new reversed clip inside project bin.

Now drag and drop this newly created reversed clip on timeline and play it in project monitor.

So this way you can reverse the entire clip in Kdenlive.

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